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VMG Business Center Workplace alquiler de oficinas

Office Spaces

Alquiler de oficinas por hora

From US$395

24/7 Private spaces for individual and teamwork.

Choose from 3 different formats: Permanent: every day Hybrid: work from home and from the office.

Rotative: different groups every day

No downpayment,
nor long-term commitments.
You get to decide your contract length.
All inclusive service.

Salas virtuales iconos-06-01.png

Private spaces for individual and teamwork

(according to the size of your team).

Salas virtuales iconos-06-04.png

Access to 9 meeting rooms for 3 to 25 people.

Salas virtuales iconos-06-02.png

Permanent, hybrid and rotative formats. Work from home and at the office whenever you want.

Salas virtuales iconos-06-05.png

1 hour per day courtesy on equipment and informal meeting rooms for 3-4 people. (No reservation in advanced - first come, first served).

Salas virtuales iconos-06-03.png

Furniture to choose from:

"L" shape desk, single desk, working table for groups.

Salas virtuales iconos-06-06.png

Phone Booths for private calls and video calls.

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